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SJK Injury Clinics company logo Rehabilitation for sports trauma and injuries

Don't let sports trauma hit you hard? With our Exemplary Examination & Assessment and Graded Rehabilitation, the specialists at SJK Injury Clinics in Maidstone will make sure your rehabilitation happens smoothly and effectively, we also carry out a diet analysis to make sure no stone left unturned.

Why choose SJK Injury Clinics?

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 • Bespoke Sports nutrition and diet regimes

 •  Customised massages and rehabilitation programs

 •  Friendly staff who are both well-trained and highly skilled

 •  Appropriate physical rehabilitation programs depending on your pain levels

 •  Home visits in case you are facing trouble visiting our Kent centres

 •  Fully insured and free parking

Do you need a specialist sports massage? From sports therapy to nutrition and diet analysis, SJK Injury Clinics will facilitate your complete rehabilitation.


You can either visit our Maidstone centre or Sittingbourne centre depending on your convenience. We're equally well equipped! Call us if you have any further queries.

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Rehabilitation for Sports Trauma and Injuries

At SJK Injury Clinics, we believe in giving you excellent, affordable and high quality services every time you walk in!

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